Gamma World from Alpha to Omega

The following are the campaign notes for a game that is currently being played in Pasadena CA. We are using MCC rules to make our way through the Gamma World 3rd edition modules Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, and the fan made Omega. Most of what is here is a reproductions from the maps and descriptions of the various modules. I have also added my own stuff to this mix as role playing games do.

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  • Alpha Particle to the Omega Project

    A - Alpha Particle

    Mindkeep. The very name is mysterious. Why was it built? Who built it? What is its secret? Your elite group of adventurers must find Mindkeep and learn its secret. Others have tried — and failed. The surrounding area is filled with mutations that are strange even for Gamma World. Could that be a clue as to Mindkeep's purpose? Or is it mere coincidence? The trek is long and difficult, across areas that are not well-known. Keep your wits about you, or you may lose everything!

    B - Beta Principle

    The Mindkeep's secrets were revealed and now you need to start acquiring the components to build a Sky Chariot of the Ancients. You will find your way to the Edwards Space Port and the Disneyland Museum as the final resting place for the shuttle hull, the flight cabin, and perhaps even an engine. The Edwards Space Port was the location of the Joint NASA / Disney expedition to Canopus the brightest star in the Carina (The Ships Keel) constellation some 310 Light Years away. It is easy to visit the Happiest Place on Earth, but very few have ever gotten out of this Magical Kingdom.

    Γ - Gamma Base

    The Council of Haven is worried. The Desperate Lands have never been more dangerous than now. From there flow weapons to supply a brutal conspiracy of conquest — how can it be stopped? Haven's respected elder has disappeared into that perilous region — perhaps kidnapped by enemies? Casting its shadow over all is the Pit of Despair at the heart of the Desperate Lands, for those who journey there are never seen again — what is its sinister secret? Your mission is to solve these mysteries before disaster strikes, a challenge even for the bravest. Your skill and daring will make the difference between victory and disaster!

    Δ - Delta Fragment

    The quest of the Restorationists now takes you in The Highlands. Your party has been entrusted with finding the secrets of the Sky Chariot of the Ancients, and returning the information (and anything else) to them. However easy that may sound, there are always complications. General Timon, who has made quite a name for himself in these parts, is negotiating with the King of the Mountain — he wants an alliance. In addition to your mission for the Restorationists, you must also prevent Timon from strengthening his position in these lands. Are you resourceful enough to complete the task of finding the Sky Chariot and stop Timon at the same time? Or will you be forced to achieve one at the expense of the other? Time is running out.

    E - Epsilon Cyborgs

    An Ancient calling himself the Creator is rumored to rule the Frozen Lands, an expanse of territory filled with frigid foothills, forests and plains. The Council of Haven has given you the task of finding this Creator — whoever and wherever he may be. The council is hopeful you can neutralize any influence he might have with General Timon's plans for war. It is not an easy task, and the harsh conditions of the Frozen Lands could complicate the situation. Some say there are robots and weird machines wandering in the icy wastes. And perhaps there are also clues to the Cities of Man.

    Ω - Omega Project

    With all the parts of the Sky Chariot of the Ancients assembled your team is ready to launch back into Space and dock with the Cities of Men, the rings that encircle earth were humanity is fighting a pitched battle to the Alien Invaders. Will fate of the missing moon, the planet, the Sol System colonies, and humanities foothold to the stars hang in balance in the culmination of this epic campaign.

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